Get Out of Your Way.

You think you are doing everything you can to succeed? You read self help books, you go to bed early, you’ve learned how to network like a pro and all that jazz but somehow, success still eludes you. Why?  Have you thought that you might be standing in your own way? No? Yes and I’ll tell you how…

  • You can’t let go of control : Take this from a self-confessed control queen, honey you cannot control everything, you will never be able to and refusing to accept this will only make you miss out on beautiful happenstances because most times, things turn out better than you would have controlled it to be.
  • You lack confidence : To succeed at anything, you have to believe in your abilities. It doesn’t matter that you do not use regular methods , try to kill that doubt in your abilities to solve a problem, to do that job, to make that connect. you’ve done other things before, you’ll do this one too. Don’t let doubt kill you.
  • You’re abrasive :Yes I know, this is the age of savagery and comebacks. If someone insults you, insult them harder, get butt-hurt by things that don’t concern you and criticize everything so you can be featured on officialtrailerjam, yes, do it for the culture. No, you knucklehead (see?), be nice, be soft, pass your message without injuring someone’s pride, you never know who’s watching or when next you’ll meet him/her. (or master the art of sarcasm so no one knows if you’re serious or not)
  • You Procrastinate: I’m many years late in starting this blog , I said that in my first post so I’m a pro at this. In my case at least, it stems from over analyzing myself into inaction. You know, when you think of all the things that could possibly go wrong that by the end of the day, you’re mentally exhausted but the gag is, you didn’t do anything. For some people though, they think there is enough time. LOL. Really.
  • You lack Vision: Where do you want to be in 5 years? Do you know? Have you ever thought about it? What do you know you can do that’ll bring you fulfillment? Are you just coasting through life? Or waiting for something to trend then deciding that’s your calling? Ability to draw eyebrows does not a makeup artist make. Just saying. Stop flying from one place to another like a mosquito, search yourself and identify your strengths.
  • You try to do too much at once: Gain mastery over one thing, then you can move onto something else. Ever heard of a Jack of all trades and a master of none?Yep, it’s not just a string of words.
  • You don’t fix bad habits: You think you’re vodka in a glass but you’re actually piss in  a red cup? You know yourself and if you’re focused on growing, you’ll identify areas you need to work on in your life and do just that. Don’t be lit outside and be dark and cold when you’re alone. You might fool us (actually, we don’t even care) but you cannot fool yourself.
  • You cannot say no: I don’t know how people do this. Say ”No” often, and say it without fear. It’s better than agreeing and getting upset that you’re being taken advantage of .

Lastly, you try so hard to fit in. If the Lord of Light saw it fit to create people with different skin colour, hair, eyes, temperament and what not , who do you think you are to decide to be like everyone else?. Be different, Stand out.

Know this, there is no finish line until death, fortune favours action. If you just get out of your own way, it’s amazing what will come to you.

Feel free to adopt this in EVERY area of your life.

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