I’ll Show You…. By Not Eating.

I love food but I’m sure you all already know that. All the guys I’ve dated (divide whatever number you just thought of by three) are (were) great cooks , hardworking too (well, I like to reserve my energies for more tasking exercises like jumping into conclusions).

So it was kind of unbelievable that of all ways to punish a boyfriend, I decided to not eat his food. He had promised we were going somewhere only for him to decide last minute that swimming was a nicer idea and with friends too, his friend and girlfriend o. Nobody went anywhere that day, I think his friend still hates me , but I was still upset. Like how could you change plans because of someone’s plan with his own girl? What’s my own inside? It’s not like he didn’t apologize but I held onto the anger for my dear life. ”How could that even cross his mind?” I kept asking myself over and over again.

After trying to get me to talk and laugh and failing, he left to the market, came back, and proceeded to the kitchen. All the while I was pretending to be asleep but alas, the aroma of the plantain porridge that was being prepared blocked my focus. Next thing, oga came in with two plates filled with food and tried waking me up (as if I could even sleep sef), I did the perfunctory tossing from side to side and rubbing my eyes (I never do that when I’m genuinely asleep tho), opened my eyes and I swear my heart skipped a beat when I saw food; chunks of fish can do that to you. But remember I was angry so I just shook my head no. He pleaded but I maintained my stance.  He finished eating, then went out again, said he was going to the supermarket at the next street to get drinks.

Immediately I heard the door close, I left the bed, went to lock the door and almost poured the porridge down my throat, finished the one in the plate and went for more, washed the plate, unlocked the door and resumed my position on the bed. Dude comes back, gets to the kitchen to drop the drinks, opens and closes the pot and comes out laughing.

”At least tell me you liked it better than the last one” and I woke from my fake sleep laughing and nodding.

PSA : If you’re a foodie, don’t get into an argument with your SO without eating, they’ll use food to confuse you into losing focus!

Husbands that get angry with their wives and refuse food, how do y’all do it??? Sh*t is hard mehn.

Have you ever refused food even though you were hungry? why did you do it? How did that end for you?

To read more about how stressful I am to date,Go Here.

Picture credit: Dobby’s Signature.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Show You…. By Not Eating.

  1. Foodie of life!!!
    For me, back in my “relationship Days” i totally loose appetite for days and go on unnecessary hunger strike. Lol.


  2. I have o. Just remembering all the times I said no to food especially when i was hungry is making me angry again. I would say no, and my subconscious would watch me suffer in hunger, whoever sent me on such a hard message.


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