It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.

Hi guys, how’s the weather at your end? Here in Lagos, it rains daily, sometimes twice a day, at worse, all day long. You know what though? I love it!

If you’ve heard about Lagos or you live there, you know its like the New York of Nigeria, I mean, this city doesn’t sleep so anything to make it less boisterous is welcome by me.

For someone that doesn’t like the cold, how will you cope in this ”the abroad” you’re planning on Ollie?, I love the rains.

My favourite things about rainy weather are;

The Smell: If you don’t stay in a place where there’s just sand on the ground, no concrete, nothing, just sand, then you wont relate to what I’m referring to here. Smells like cam-wood and incense to me, very soothing. I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation for why the earth smells the way it does after rain, all i know is I love it.the smell of rain

The Calm: Sometimes I have the feeling that half the inhabitants of Lagos are mad, especially the drivers. My goodness! I really don’t blame that poor ignorant girl that said she doesn’t use public transport, only Uber. I feel you girl, danfo drivers are maniacs and apart from VIO (that they’re now free of), the rain calms their ever frayed nerves a bit. I notice the calm and *gasps* attributes akin to politeness after it rains, not during o, they’re still mad around that time and I thank God for little mercies.

The Focus: If I were a desktop computer, I’d always have too may tabs open simultaneously because babygirl has got mad dreams and I dream awake. When it rains however, the way my body and mind goes into downtime allowing me to focus on one thing at a time like a normal human is beyond amazing. I wish it could be that way all the time but…

The Opportunity to be Lazy: No, I’m not lazy. I’d rather buy takeout so as not to wash plates (Thank heavens I don’t have to deal with that anymore lawd, perks of being back to your parents house) and the rain helps in making me feel like Bruno Mars (the lazy song not like a cool boy). I love watching movies in my dark room, wrapped around my blanket, without a care in the world…until NEPA or is it PHED takes back their light that they brought with them from their mothers womb ** I’m calm now** Phew! Plus I always get to catch up on reading because I assimilate faster (for educational materials)bruno mars

Lastly, the sleep. when it rains, I can sleep anywhere but I love to sleep on my bed. I don’t mind sleeping at work though **goes ahead to block my coworkers on all social media platforms** black couple cuddle

I’m not including how much better cuddling is because my cuddle partner is miles away and I damn near fainted when I spied the cost of a baby stroller some weeks ago. But yes, rainy weather is weather for two and the fear of God or/and a year supply of diaper. At the price I saw, you should consider ”backing your child”. African style!

 I hope you are having as swell a time as I am.


Love & Ice cream,



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