B**** Better Have My Money.

Hi guys, I have a problem.

Well, not me exactly, us abi them rather. Okay I’ve confused myself,let me take it from the top.

We have already established Here that Danfo (bus) drivers and conductors and most passengers are not fully alright. Good. So this morning on my way to work, there was a seemingly little issue between the conductor and a passenger that escalated to name calling and literacy shaming.

The Passenger, a lady, gave 400naira to the conductor for a journey that would cost 250naira. Another passenger, a man was asked to alight when he gave 100naira for a 150naira worth distance. He didn’t have 50naira to complete the fare and the good samaritan woman decided to help out with the balance, she got the 100naira from him. The guy got to his destination, alighted and wahala started. The conductor asked the woman to give him 100naira to complete everything and she damn near cursed out his lineage.

I’m sure the woman was right, she had paid him everything she needed to but there were some other passengers that felt she was trying to pull one over the illiterate conductor. Plus I think the guy’s major problem was that he felt the 100naira should’ve been given to him and not her but then again 250+50=300, She paid 400 and got back 100naira as she should have.

So help us, well, me in particular because it’s still disturbing me after about 5 hours. Who was right?





PRO TIP: Always put your money as first priority in a bus. Especially all these buses without conductors and passengers end up passing their monies line by line to the driver. If you don’t have the exact fare, find a way to collect your change first before sending the money forward.

This counts as the funniest experience I’ve had taking public transport in a long while. I’m sure you have your own stories. Do tell.


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