Random Musings

Sometime back, many years ago actually, my brother was hungry. He had gone to play and when he got back home, food wasn’t ready. My mom was cooking but she had a guest so the cooking took a lot more time than usual. My brother kept whining, he was hungry, if he didn’t eat soon he was gong to die, let him just drink small garri. My mom refused, she was almost done, all she needed was five extra minutes and the Jollof would be ready. But he was hungry. He took a large bowl and poured garri in, there was no sugar, only groundnut but he was hungry. What he didn’t plan for was that his hunger wasn’t as bad as he was thinking, in reality he wasn’t even hungry, he just wanted food. The more scoops of the garri he took, the more garri was left in the bowl and at a point he had to beg me to help him out because you see, my mom abhors wastage. His friends helped him out (children of the guest) but they still couldn’t finish it and I had to help him sneakily throw it away so she wouldn’t find out. She didn’t. The jollof got ready just in time but he didn’t eat. I mean, he couldn’t not after stuffing his face full with that drab garri.

That is how life is sometimes. You may find yourself in a corner , questioning everything and looking for a way out. Anyway out. You might become so desperate that the first out that presents itself looks like the only way out, even when it’s not, even when the conditions attached to it are unfavourable, even when deep down in your heart you know that there’s a better way. Even when you know you’ll poison yourself with it. You’ll still go ahead and then when everything goes up in flames, you find yourself running around for help, looking for who to disturb with your problems, problems that could have been avoided if you had listened to that still voice inside, or at the very least, to common sense.

But alas, common sense is not as common as we think.

I got a proposal yesterday, of the indecent kind. Now, it didn’t move me one bit because well, I don’t even know. But it got me thinking, what if it was someone else, someone in a tight corner, someone that had lost all hope of things ever getting better. What if that was me?

We read stories of things people have done, some immoral, others illegal and we swear we would never be that desperate or that stupid but truth is, you can not be too sure with these things.

To those going through unimaginable experiences, yeah you’re suffering now but it’ll get better. It always gets better. Even if it doesn’t, you’ll learn to thrive amidst the rubble.

To those that prey on already broken people for their selfish needs, your place in Hell isn’t hot enough yet. You are the true scum of the earth and I mean that in the most insulting way possible.





Image Credit DS Blog


One Reply to “Random Musings”

  1. Nice!!!
    You know, one of the most expensive things you could ever do is pay attention to the wrong people.

    …Godliness with contentment is great gain. 1Tim. 6:6

    Its better one takes responsibility for his/her actions rather than to be inveigled or cajoled or enticed or tempted or even proposed to as you mentioned, lol…(permit me to use the word in that context).

    To the Predators, I speak genuine repentance into your spirit,soul and body because there’s no A/C in hell ooo, so there’s no point bribing the devil and his agents for an alternative.


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