Casual Worker or Top Tier? Find Out What Type of Friend You Are.

It’s easy these days to get carried away with the hype. I mean, I have over a thousand ”friends” on Facebook. These are people I don’t know, half of them I’ve never even met but were suggested by Mark and his Facebook angels for lack of a better word.

Friends are good. If you know me, I take friendships seriously. Not all of them though. I believe like with most things, friends are necessities because, you can’t do life alone but as with most things, not all friendships are to be taken seriously.

I read something last week about having a ”table”, a symbol for a strong support system, you know, friends you can count on Every time to come through with the help, advise, time, FRIENDSHIP.

I have few friends but I’m friendly with lots of people, I still wonder about this though as I’m not the friendliest person, call it social awkwardness and you’ll be right. Before, this used to cause issues because I had to remind people that we’re not necessarily friends but that is a mean thing to do and I’m working on being less mean by like 40%. So I came to the conclusion above. It doesn’t have to be that deep.

Here are THREE  groups of friends I’ve found I have so you can identify yours too and act accordingly:


The Top Tier; these ones are my tribe, they have information about me that no one else does. I can be vulnerable with them, they’re my safe place, my tribe. We are constantly in touch, whether it’s through Instagram, whatsapp, calls, we communicate. These are the ones I can talk business with and slide in gist about the cute dude that dropped me off yesterday without collecting my number **it’s still paining me sha**.  Actual Number? HA! it’s not me that’ll use my hand and write myself into trouble. You go all out for these ones. Their no good boyfriend cheats on them, you get people to beat him up without her knowledge of course This is a joke?. They’re struggling with a course, you pull through with study materials and tutorials. They start a business, you support in any way you can.

The Middle Tier; Communication isn’t consistent but it’s there. Nothing deep though. we meet when we can. These are the ones that know I like food but don’t really know the extent, because, I have an image to protect. please don’t ask me what image, i don’t even know myself. With these ones, you can delegate aka ignore some things because another person will do it in your place. You already know that if there’s ever a clash of interests, the top tier level needs will prevail.

casual friends

The I-Don’t-Know-What-This-is-Tier; You’re not friends like that but you’re not enemies either. you like each other’s post on social media and cringe at the emoji attack and chants of ”yaaaaaaassss” on all your pictures because well  it just don’t feel right. These ones are kinda like casual workers in your life. They’re there when everyone else is extremely busy, hyping you and making sure everything runs smoothly but they don’t last because next week, they’re giving someone else all that. These are the Ones Chris Brown sang about, they’re not loyal at all but they’re helpful when they’re around so they are not all bad. Don’t get it twisted, we’re all casual workers to someone else.

Sometimes though, a casual worker friend might end up being better than even the top tier and that is when you promote and demote/fire. Over taking is allowed in this case.

Friends are important, their influence cannot be under emphasized so choose yours wisely.



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