This is a Rant, Sort of, Basically.

Education is important, formal education that is. It prevents you from thinking things like “where did this small girl get all that money from” because then you’ll know that there is no restriction on possession. You’ll not think it and because of that, you will not say it out loud, to yourself or worse, to other people.

Education is important, informal that is. Call it being street smart or having open eye, it is important because then you’ll be wise in knowing how to get what you want without necessarily having to stress for it. You’ll know how and when to “influence ” someone or something in your favour so you don’t get jealous when someone much younger than you has what you have gone through great lengths and still not gotten. You’ll know that a business is not a polygamous marriage, you know those ones where wives are constantly at each other’s throat, scurrying favours from “daddy hubby” while he is scoping Nene in the next compound? You’ll know better and because you do, you’ll act better.

Education is important, a mix of the above that is. It gives you an edge over people in the categories above. You have common sense and book sense. You know that if you are to tell you boldfaced lie, then you have to be consistent. You cannot say you collapsed yesterday and come banging on someone’s door by 7am for #50,000 to pay hospital bills. I mean, show that you went to school at least.

Until very recently, I didn’t know there were people that thought to be young and female means to be hungry and irresponsible. I’m unlearning new things everyday, like the notion that some people are beyond foolery. Alas, there are fools from 15 to 50. I dare say adult fools are becoming alarmingly more in number; it must be all that ass licking they do.

Stay in school people, mingle with the right kind of people and please know the difference between a cash flow statement and an income statement.


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