”Your Dad Cannot Marry You o”

Hi guys, I want to gist.

This might be a bit disjointed but bear with me, there is a lot to say but I will try not to bore you.

I went on a date or rather I was supposed to go on a date but I wasn’t in the best of moods so we turned it into a ”car ride to my house” date.

A little back story.

Last year, a young man gave my colleague and I a lift from work and a friendship developed. This guy had all the attributes of a Yoruba demon; seemingly nice, bossy, many words and some change to throw around. It was obvious he was looking for a fling and while I am not fling material, given certain circumstances I could be up for a fling. Not for this guy sha. Ten minutes into our meeting, I knew it was never going to happen.

Eventually, he got with the program and we kept in touch.

Then this year, out of nowhere he texted me saying his friend saw my picture and whatever. Anyways we fixed a day to see but I flaked because honestly I was not willing to use up the one day of rest I had to go on any ”nonsense” date. We had been talking before deciding to meet and somehow I felt like I was being inspected , you know, how you check and turn things over before deciding they deserve to be purchased. Another meeting was scheduled and we were supposed to go to a fashion event but I was irritable that day and he offered to drive me home. The ride home home was enjoyable, the conversation too but I had a feeling he had already made up his mind about me before the meeting.

I am writing this because since then this guy has not called. I think I called that night to check that he got home safe and that has been it. But that is not the problem. The problem is his friend has been calling me often to ask me what I feel about his friend and when I would have time to go see him at his place so we could get to know each other better and how my dad is not going to marry me and when was I going to quit my job so I would have time to socialize and ultimately marry. The weirdest was when he asked if I was human and how I cope with sexual urges. Very appropriate question considering I am supposed to wear my horniness on my head like a crown.

Please why are people like this? He kept on harping about marriage and if I thought of ever getting married and how his friend wants to get married. Biko, what is my business inside??

I hate pressure especially pressure I could well do without. The date in itself was not bad but all of this is making me remember it in a bad light.

Do you have any bad date or bad aftermath of a date experience? please share, it cannot be just me this is happening to.



2 Replies to “”Your Dad Cannot Marry You o””

  1. What i can deduce from this your encounter with this dude is that the guy want a fling thing but try to cover it with the idea of ‘marriage” because that is the in thing nowadays ladies and girls alike are desperate for “marriage” and guys has this ideology of “the best and fastest way to get a girl is to promise them marriage”. God help our youth and give them discerning spirit. Amen.


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