Funeral At Noon.

The funeral was at noon. I met Tony when I was just 21 years old and semi stupid. He was an executive at this firm I wanted to intern with. Tall , dark, handsome and ruthless was how he was described and none of it was an overstatement. He had pearly white teeth set against… Continue reading Funeral At Noon.

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How to Save Money Fast.

So you need to save money quickly. Maybe you have a trip you're planning on or you want to get a new phone, a camera, propose to your girlfriend, a car, whatever and you're looking at your account balance and wondering when you're ever going to have enough money to follow through with your plans.… Continue reading How to Save Money Fast.

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Money Mistakes You’re Making and How to Correct Them.

Hello darlings, how is your Monday going? I'm currently very exhausted but I promised myself I was going to put up a post so here I am. I am not an expert by any means, this is just a collection of things I see happening around. So here are 4 money mistakes you might be… Continue reading Money Mistakes You’re Making and How to Correct Them.

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Currently I Am; Life Update.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd see where I promised to take blogging more seriously. Following off this, I have lots of changes planned. Nothing too drastic yet but little tweaks to make Olliealley the place to be. First off, Happy New Month!!! I'm planning for this to be a weekly post, where i basically let… Continue reading Currently I Am; Life Update.

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Black Panther: In and Out of Wakanda. (My Review)

I have a new favourite movie and it's called Black Panther. I finally got around to seeing it yesterday because I knew it was not going to be long before people got tired of holding it in and dropping spoilers on social media. Yeah I think it's wise to put a warning here, I'm absolutely… Continue reading Black Panther: In and Out of Wakanda. (My Review)

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Let Me Manipulate You, I was Raised Without a Mommy.

I am angry! I have had tears in my eyes the whole morning for something that has absolutely nothing to do with me. Once again, the common narrative of a young girl being told stories of wealth and splendour by a man just because he wants to hit it has played out. Yes, this man… Continue reading Let Me Manipulate You, I was Raised Without a Mommy.